Conditions of use

Man-kind Images is an ethical photo library containing a wide selection of animal and related images as well as a gallery directly focused on environmental issues.

Our hope is that these images will be used to catalyse positive changes in human behaviour, for the benefit of animals, the environment and people across the world.


To support this ethos the following conditions of use have been given to the usage of the images on this site:

Animal and related images

- images must not be used to promote or condone any activity involving the use of animals, eg farming and food, sport, entertainment, research, wildlife control;

- images must not be used to promote the use of animal products, eg leather, wool, silk, shell.

Environment images

- images must be used in context, eg positive promotion of alternative technology (solar/wind power) and recycling but not of fossil fuels and landfill.

Any use of images will therefore need to be approved before they are released for use. This will be on an image by image basis and Man-kind Images reserve the right to refuse image request/s if it is felt their use is incompatible with our aims or their integrity compromised, eg a zoo animal represented as a wild animal.

By requesting images through this website you are bound by these conditions of use. If you do not agree with these conditions please do not access or use this service.


Stock photo - £7.50

Please note: you will receive the full file size for any images purchased, regardless of whether they will be used for the web or print.

Discounts: are available for bulk purchases of images. For a quote please contact us.


1. Choose an image/images from the appropriate gallery/galleries.
2. Click on 'Request this image'.
3. When you have finished your selection click on 'Image requests' and then 'Send request'.
4. Once received, your request will then be reviewed (usually within 3-5 working days) and you will be advised by email as to whether part or all of your request has been approved for use.
5. If approved, you will be granted a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable* worldwide license to use the image/s as permitted. (*ie images must not be passed to third parties for use).
6. You will be sent an invoice, terms for which is strictly 30 days.
7. Payment can be made by Paypal '' OR directly into the following Co-operative Bank account number 69391035 (sort code 08-92-99).
8. The image file/s will be sent by post on CD (or by email if requested). A small charge will be made to cover postage and packing. Please note: if ordering from outside the UK, an additional charge for postage may be incurred and you will be responsible for any import duties/taxes.
9. You will also be sent a PDF file citing conditions for use which we suggest is saved alongside the image/s.
10. All images must be credited
11. Images can be used multiple times, as long as their use complies with the Conditions of use agreed to when purchased. The buyer of the image will need to email for each subsequent use to confirm that the proposed use is still within the 'ethical use' guidelines of Man-kind Images.
12. It would be appreciated if an electronic copy/relevant link of images used could be emailed to Unless requested otherwise, these may be used for our gallery of 'Published images' on our website.


- The images for sale are Jpegs in RGB colour.
- Please note that the opened images on the website are not full quality (70-80%), ie images purchased will be sharper. The website images also have a watermark which will not appear on the images purchased.
- Opened images on the website contain a description where deemed relevant: the image file size in MB; the size of the image in pixels (horizontal x vertical dimensions); the dimensions in cms/inches that the printed image would be @300dpi (standard print resolution).
- It is not recommended that images are enlarged beyond their limitations as this will reduce the quality of their appearance.
- The Ref given for each image should be used when enquiring about specific images (this will be done automatically when sending an Image request).
- The location supplied is where the image was taken.
- Man-kind Images holds full copyright for every image on the site.


All images are the 'intellectual property' of Man-kind Images and must not be used without the written permission of Man-kind Images. This includes copying, duplicating, publishing (even on a website), reproducing, storing in a retrieval system or transmitting by any means what so ever.

*All images purchased must be credited*